Success Stories

This is Aurora, Woodywynd’s Hot Choc-‘Latte who came to us to appear in Puppy Bowl X.  It was up to us at the time if we would find a home for her or keep her as our own to work as a therapy dog and train for competition.  There are times when life hands us things we just don’t understand and are so very painful for us to accept.  That happened to us when we lost our precious little Maggie Mae who was the reason we started this rescue for deaf dogs.  We have decided that for whatever reason, Aurora was meant to take her place and to teach the other dogs that come through the rescue.  She has already earned her AKC Star Puppy Certification and will test for her Canine Good Citizen in March.  She won’t be old enough to be an official therapy dog until she is 1 year old but she has already started practicing being a great little therapy dog.  Therefore, at this time, Aurora will fill, as best she can, Maggie’s little paws to lead the rescue forward and to educate people what great dogs deaf dogs are, how wonderful they are at competition and that they are no different than a hearing dog.  You just communicate with them a little different than a hearing dog.
Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue is indebted to the volunteers that transported our little Whitney from here at the rescue to her new forever home in Baycity, MI.  Fred and Paul are among the many selfless volunteers that use their own planes to help get dogs safely either into rescues or to their forever homes from a rescue.

Spotted Dog’s First Deaf Adoption

photo of Izzy donated by Smallwood Pawtography
My name is Izabella Spotter’s Delight, but you can call me Izzy. I’m a petite, deaf Dalmatian that was rescued off the streets of TX at 3 months old. Spending 2 weeks with my foster family, I got plenty of love, hugs and much needed attention before my new life began.

My forever Mom, Patricia, and my sister dog, Lottie Dot, came all the way from TN to adopt me after Miss Ariel told her how special I was. Patricia had just lost Dora, one of her spotted babies from a dreadful liver disease and was very sad. Dora was a very special therapy dog and greatly missed by the kids she visited in the hospitals. It was love at first sight for both of us!

I love my new life and all the things I’m learning! I’m training to become a therapy dog and Canine Public Safety Educator in a group called TN Safety Spotters, a nonprofit therapy dog group for deaf dogs. It is fun learning to do all the things a Spotter does, like stop, drop and roll and press a smoke alarm button and I have already been to a special needs camp. Boy, do kids love me! I’m not a therapy dog yet but it won’t be long.

You can see more of me on the TN Safety Spotters website or keep track of my progress on the TN Safety Spotters FaceBook page.

Remember deaf dogs hear with their hearts not their ears
Love ~ Izzy

We are so very happy to announce that Gabe has lived up to his name and was adopted by a young couple and is being loved to deat by them.  He will be taking basic obedience classes to teach him what he needs to learn.

We are very happy to announce that Patch has found a forever home here with his new mom Judy and his brother Blitzen and sister Cuddles.  He also has 2 horses to pal around with.  Thank you Judy for opening your home and heart to such a wonderful guy that so deserves to have love in his life.  We hope he gives you many years of Dalmatian joy.

It is with such joy that we are announcing Abby has left today to go to her forever home with her new mom, Fred and Jeanette Marsh in MD.  She will have a wonderful life with these people who have had Dalmatians for over 20 years.  She will have 15 acres to run and play on and a beautiful pond to swim in this summer.  We know she has found the best home possible for her and we will miss her greatly.  For the time we had Abby, she taught us much about trust and sharng.  She is a very special little girl, who now has very special parents.

We have received many emails from the Marsh’s and Abby is doing so wonderful.  She has made many friends both 4 legged and 2 legged and is doing really well.  We are so proud of her and happy that she has such a wonderful home.

In October I was called by a shelter in Ohio about  this young deaf male  that had been found just running loose.  They took him  to the shelter and  tried to find his owner but no one ever came to claim  him.  I later found  out there is an Amish puppy mill fairly close to there  and I believe when he  was born, he was never BAER tested and he was sold as  a hearing dog  to unsuspecting people.  They got tired of trying to  communicate with him and just dumped him.  Of course that might not be the  story but it does make  a lot of sense.

When he came to us he  was just the sweetest,  calmest, most wonderful boy you could imagine.  I  knew this boy was meant to  be a therapy dog.  The shelter even took him to  the grade school while they  had him and temperament tested him with children  from K-6th grade.  He was  just wonderful with all of them.So gentle with  the children.  When he  arrived here I also had him temperament tested with  children even younger  with the same results.  Since I certify therapy dogs I  know what to look for  in a dog that would make a therapy dog and that was Chance.

I  actually named him Chance from the song by Johnny  Mathis, “Chances  Are”because it is true, when he walks in the room you do have a silly  grin because he just makes you so happy.

In  looking for a  forever home for Chance, I wanted one where he could  be trained and work as a  therapy dog for someone very special.  Today,  Chance went to his forever  home.  He will be living again in Ohio and he  will be a therapy dog for a  little boynamed AJ, who is 7-1/2 years old with Downs Syndrome.  When they came  to meet him today and take  him home it was amazing to watch him with this little boy.  He was so gentle  whenever he came near him, as though he knew  this little boy was very  special, just like him, and he needed to help him.

My point is again, there is  such a misconception of deaf dogs. While Chance  was here he learned to sit,  down, stay and heel pretty nicely.He has a  great recall and yes, you must  teach them to watch you all of the time but  that is a very easy training  technique.

I am sure Chance will become a  great therapy dog for AJ.  I can’t wait to see how he does with his new famiy but it looks like he has taken over and and will be ready to learn his new job.  He also has a great four legged buddy to play with in a huge yard.  They both look very happy.

Our Wendy found her new home in record time.  She is now named Miss Molly and she lives with Kieth and Mary Painten and their son in Richlandtown, PA.  Miss Molly loves going to vist neighbors, going for long walks and taking car rides.  She has a wonderful big yard to play in and has adjusted very quickly to her new family.

We wish Miss Molly and her new family much love and happiness for years to come.  Thank you for taking this wonderful girl that just wants to be loved and love in return.

Our Wonderful Annie girl has finally found her forever home.  Last weekend she was adopted by a wonderful couple, Arlan and Shirley Rothstein, who live in Port Matilda, PA.  Annie joins Sadie, an 8 year old Chihuhua mix and a cat in her new home.  She is living out in the coutry with lots of room to run and play.  She is being spoilled rotten and we are just so happy for her.  While Annie will always hold a very special place in our hearts, and we miss her terribly, she deserved that very special home all of her own.  Way to Go Annie.  When Annie came to us, almost a year ago, she had never been inside a house, was so thin and had no manners at all.  She worked so hard to learn to be a good girl and finally became a therapy dog.  She really enjoyed visiting nursing homes where she could share her love and get love from the residents she deserved herself.