Low Purina Food for Dalmatians

 Prior to actually making the dog food I have cooked a whole turkey and or a dozen
skinless chicken breasts.  I chop the meat up and put it in gallon freezer bags to have ready when I need to make  dog food.  I save the juice from  the turkey and or chicken to use when I make the food.
20  CUPS UNCOOKED WHITE RICE (Brown rice is higher in purines than white rice)
1  #10 CAN OF DICED TOMATOES (The super giant economy size) (optional)
½ cup diced garlic
¼ cup of flax seeds (light or dark)
Juice from turkey or chicken or about 6 cans of chicken or turkey broth
2 bags frozen green beans (small)
2 bags frozen peas/carrots (small)
½ large bag of cauliflower (optional)
½ large bag of broccoli (optional)
1  #2 can of pumpkin (If you have a dog that likes to eat poop, this will stop them…it works!)
Use  ½ of the turkey or the chicken breasts previously cooked for your meat.  Dice up in small cubes.
3 lbs boiled ground turkey/chicken (optional. You can then use the water you  boiled the chicken/turkey meat in to cook the rice.)
Optional:  2 Cups of dried cranberries (or other dried approved berries)
Optional:  2 cups of dried apples or other dry fruit.
Optional:  2 cups of dried sweet potatoes crunched up.
Cook the rice, when done drain and rinse off extra starch. Put back in large  pot or divide into smaller ones to make it easier to add ingredients.  Just add all of the ingredients and stir together to be well mixed.  This will fill about 10 -16 cup containers.
I freeze them and use 1 at a time.
I  add ¾ cup of the wet food to their dry kibble for each meal. I feed them morning  and night.  I float the entire bowl  in water (maybe 2/3 cup of water) and microwave for 40—45 seconds before feeding  it.

                                                                                                    FISH FUDGE (TRAINING TREATS)
2 cans salmon OR mackeral OR
Tuna 6  ounce size. (salmon don’t drain, mackeral drain only 1 can tuna don’t
2 eggs
1 1/2 Cups Flour
1 Tablespoon garlic
1/4 Cup parmesan cheese
Mix well
Pout into lightly greased 9 inch X 9
inch pan
Bake 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Store in Refrigerator or some in frig
and some in freezer.