In Memory of Maggie

Memories of our precious little 

“Inishmore’s Maggie Mae” 

 Always known to those that loved her as Moo Moo.  She came to us as a baby that we fostered, from WIlling Hearts Dalmatian Rescue, but we knew she belonged to us and we adopted her right away.  When, years later we decided to start our rescue to save the deaf Dalmatians, Maggie was our little Mascot.  Moo was a funny, sweet little girl that will
be remembered by all she met.  She taught every single dog that came through the doors and took them under her paws and gently loved them all.  Maggie loved to chew on stuffed toys and sadly it was one of those that took her from us. 

 We urge everyone that no matter how cute those toys are, they are dangerous to dogs and we want you to know that they can eat one and you won’t know for maybe weeks, months or even years when it is too late to save them.  Maggie was only 6 years 4 months old when she left us to go over the bridge for things that she was needed to do there.  She will always remain the face of the rescue and as years go on without her, she will be remembered and loved as much as the day she came to us.

The music playing was written and preformed by Emily Saliers of the “Indigo Girls”.  We feel this song tells the story of how we love but it seems only for a moment do we get to hold those so dear to us before they are gone.