Choosing the Food for Lovebirds

Caring for lovebirds require an adequate knowledge on what is good and what is not for these small and fragile bird pets. They deserve to be provided with the right diet, an appropriate living space, stimulating toys, and ample time to maintain the bond with them. One of the main concerns of a responsible pet owner to ensure that his/her pet will be provided with the right nutrition is choosing the best foods for lovebirds.

Choosing the Best Food for Lovebirds

Food for Lovebirds

These birds prefer to munch fresh vegetables and fruits, except avocadoes. Avocadoes are considered toxic for lovebirds. When it is time to offer them their feed, make sure to have the foods thinly sliced and diced so that they can pick  each piece with their beaks quite easily. Lovebirds also love seeds and berries.

There are also great choices of bird blends that are available in the market today. If you prefer to buy bird feeds for your lovebirds, make sure to consider all that is contained in the pack before choosing one. Do not consider the inexpensive options as they may contain cheap seed mix or pellets that may not provide all the nutrients that your bird requires to keep them healthy.

It is still best to provide them with fresh food items at least four times a week.

Choosing the best food for lovebirds is not the only thing essential in making sure that your pet bird get the right nutrition it needs. You also need to make sure that clean water is available for them all the time. Any uneaten fresh foods should also be removed from your pet’s cage and have the food and water dish cleaned thoroughly as well. Also make sure to have all green and fruits properly washed before offering them to your lovebirds.

Lovebirds as Pets

These charming birds have features that make them look like mini parrots. But that is all that makes the similarities between them. And though they are from the same family (parrot) their differences are quite obvious. Lovebirds do not imitate human sounds. They are also fairly calm in nature.

Even though they do not really chatter much, they are quite active and energetic like other birds in their species. That means they can use up as much energy as other birds and will need to be fed well so they would be able to maintain their strength throughout the day. They should be well attended and be kept cleaned as well. All that are kept within their cages need to be paid special attention as well. Only by doing so will make it easier to keep these gentle creatures healthy and quite satisfied while under your care.

Lovebirds will enjoy a spacious cage where it can play with toys, hop around, flap their wings and hover from a perch to a ladder, or wherever it prefers to land its tiny feet on. A variety of bells and blocks will also be great options for stimulating activities for these birds.

An ideal cage for your lovebirds will be one which is about 2 feet by 2 feet, and with horizontal bars that are spaced just safe enough for your small bird pets to be kept inside its cage. Everything inside the bird’s cage should be checked to ensure that there is nothing that will harm the fragile bird’s body.

Take note that these birds are smart and they can quickly learn how to pick the lock of a cage. That only means that you need to make sure that they are kept secured inside their cages. Do not mix birds of different species of these birds in the same cage as they will soon be fighting for their territory. They will be friendly with one from the same breed, but they will surely manifest hostile behavior around birds from other breeds. They will fight even until their deaths.

Unlike other birds that should be provided with soft toys, lovebirds should be given toys that are more durable as they have the habit of constantly pecking anything near them with their strong beaks. Just make sure that there is enough space even with all the accessories and toys inside the birds’ cage. If not they will feel restricted to fly and explore their surroundings, and these will cause too much stress on them, which could lead to some health issues later on.