Adoption Guidelines

At Spotted Dog we only adopt to the best homes that can provide love and a “forever” commitment to one of our deaf Dalmatians. When you adopt from us, you adopt us also. We like to keep an eye on their progress and help you with any questions or concerns. Please continue to read the requirements below and if you feel that your home is suitable and meets these requirements, please fill out an application

We do not work on a first come, first served basis. We evaluate every application and do what is better for that particular dog.

Animals will be placed only with adults of legal age who intend to keep them as household pets. No dog will be adopted with the intention of them living outside and/or chained to a tree. All animals will be placed as inside pets ONLY.

No animal will be released for adoption as a gift to another person. Adopters must be prepared for the life long commitment. Dalmatians can live up to the age of 12 to 14 years and in some cases there have been Dalmatians that have lived as long as 17 years. We do not finalize any adoptions during the Christmas Holidays.

If the applicant is a renter, written permission from the landlord is required before the adoption application is approved. This is for the protection of the animal and the adopter.

No animal adopted from Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue may be sold or given away to another person. If the adopter can no longer keep the animal, for whatever reason, it must be returned to Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue.

Serious consideration is given to the adopter’s ability to provide adequate exercise and the commitment for training a deaf dog. All deaf Dalmatians must have a fenced in yard.

Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue will conduct a Pre Adoption home visit. At the time of the home visit we will check for hazardous materials that should be stored above a Dalmatian’s reach either in the yard or garage, holes in fences that need to be mended, dangling wires in the home that a puppy could be a potential hazard especially to a puppy.

Sorry, we can not hold dogs. Only fill out the application if you are serious about adopting at that time. If you decide that a deaf Dalmatian is not for you or you have found another dog at another rescue, please let us know immediately. We are volunteers and if you decide you aren’t going to adopt from us, we will close the application and save everyone a lot of time.