Choosing the Food for Lovebirds

Food for Lovebirds

Caring for lovebirds require an adequate knowledge on what is good and what is not for these small and fragile bird pets. They deserve to be provided with the right diet, an appropriate living space, stimulating toys, and ample time to maintain the bond with them. One of the main concerns of a responsible pet owner to ensure that his/her pet will be provided with the right nutrition is choosing the best foods for lovebirds.

Choosing the Best Food for Lovebirds

Food for Lovebirds

These birds prefer to munch fresh vegetables and fruits, except avocadoes. Avocadoes are considered toxic for lovebirds. When it is time to offer them their feed, make sure to have the foods thinly sliced and diced so that they can pick  each piece with their beaks quite easily. Lovebirds also love seeds and berries.

There are also great choices of bird blends that are available in the market today. If you prefer to buy bird feeds for your lovebirds, make sure to consider all that is contained in the pack before choosing one. Do not consider the inexpensive options as they may contain cheap seed mix or pellets that may not provide all the nutrients that your bird requires to keep them healthy.

It is still best to provide them with fresh food items at least four times a week.

Choosing the best food for lovebirds is not the only thing essential in making sure that your pet bird get the right nutrition it needs. You also need to make sure that clean water is available for them all the time. Any uneaten fresh foods should also be removed from your pet’s cage and have the food and water dish cleaned thoroughly as well. Also make sure to have all green and fruits properly washed before offering them to your lovebirds. (more…)

IN 2011 Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue was urged to open our own rescue that catered specifically to deaf purebred Dalmatian dogs.

While most all of the Dalmatian rescue’s do take deaf dogs we specialize in training these dogs that come mostly from breeders that have deduced they will not follow the mandate on the code of ethics in the Dalmatian Red Book that states that all deaf puppies and dogs be euthanized.  Please see under the tips and training the Deaf Myths that is the reason the DCA has mandated that deaf puppies and dogs should be euthanized.

While a great many Dalmatian breeders still follow this mandate there are many now that do not and to those we are so grateful they are giving these wonderful little babies a chance at a great life whether it is simply as a pet for a great home or as a competitive dog in the UKC, NADAC, CPE and other venues that allow deaf dogs to compete.  Actually, the AKC is the only venue that does not allow deaf dogs, or handicapped dogs to  compete in the venues they have the ability to compete in.  We absolutely do not advocate that deaf dogs would be allowed to compete in conformation since that is where people are looking for dogs to breed with and we do not advocate breeding deaf dogs.

It is our mission to take any and all deaf purebred Dalmatians and train them in basic obedience and beyond, have them spayed or neutered and make sure they are UTD on all of their shots before they are considered adoptable to a forever home. 

We do home visits to each application and vet checks to make sure those that are being considered will give the best care to our puppies as possible.  We keep these puppies almost a year by the time they have been spayed/neutered and have the proper training.  All puppies have earned their AKC Start Puppy Certification and their Canine Good Citizen Certification.  They will be trained and ready to test as a therapy dog with their new family.

The first puppy we adopted was Izzy, and you will find her story under “Happy Endings”.  We continue to educate breeders and the general public about the wonders of deaf dogs and hope if you have any questions you will please contact us.  Never be afraid of adopting a deaf dog.  They will open a whole new world for you with wonders you just can’t begin to imagine until you have shared your life with them.


Ariel E. O’Brien, President/Founder
Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue

Member Dalmatians of North America

Member Dalmatian Club of America

Certified Evaluator for Canine Good Citizen

Certified Evaluator for Therapy Dogs Internatonal